About us

Christ’s Mission Church started gathering for conservative African worship in Luganda/English on December 17, 2017 with 4 experienced elders.  We are Holy Bible believers.  That means we read our Bibles and do what the Bible says; not what others say.  We interpret Scripture (the Bible) with Scripture and teach verse by verse. We desire to reach Nakigalala Village for the Lord Jesus Christ and thereby strengthen it, encourage it and make it a better place to live and raise children for God’s glory and the good of Uganda. We reach out to other communities by planting like minded churches. We love the people of Nakigalala!

A Church, in which people feel at home, loved and, encouraged to love, inspired by the Holy Spirit and their love for God, align their lives to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thus prepare themselves for His return and eternal life

It is the duty of every Christian and of every church of Christ to seek to extend the gospel to the ends of the earth. Missionary efforts are the natural consequences of regeneration (Psalm 51:10-15). “Preach the Gospel” is a frequently repeated command of Christ to his church . It is the duty of every child of God to witness by life and word. Personal efforts at witnessing for Christ are expected of every member. Beyond this we are committed to common efforts for sending the Gospel to the ends of the earth. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Africans Teaching Africans (Free Bible Curriculum)


Free Devotionals:  John McArthur, Grace To You
Chapel Library: Free Bible teachings & downloadable books
Morning and Evening Devotionals by Charles H. Spurgeon

Pastor Moses Mutebi is one of the founding pastors of CMC. It was his vision that started it all. He purchased the original plot of land where the sanctuary sits and prayed for God to work. He has his Bachelors degree in theological studies from Westminster Christian Institute and is a former school chaplain of Bethel Covenant College in Bwebajja (2012-2018). He is not married yet. He loves praying and listening to the word of God.

Pastor Lwanga Richard was born into a strong Catholic family.  He became a Christian in 1990.  He has been involved in church planting and growth and has mentored many successful Bible teachers.  He is married to Rose and they have 3 children.  He holds a diploma and an advanced diploma in theology from RTC, Kisigula, Kampala.  He is an elder, Sunday School teacher and pastor at Christ’s Mission Church.

Pastor Joshua Ssemanda is married to Christine with whom they have three beautiful children. He is also a graduate of Westminster Theological College/Seminary―Uganda; and he has just completed his Master’s Degree in Bible and Theology with Worldwide Evangelical Seminary―Canada. He is also serving with Christians Teaching Christians as the National Coordinator for Uganda. He loves teaching God’s Word so he is conducting weekly bible classes in Uganda and speaks in conferences and seminars.  He is a teaching elder at CMC.

Pastor Johnny Touchet  was born in the USA and has been in pastoral ministries for 25 years.  He is currently the preaching pastor at CMC.  He received his Bachelors from New Orleans Baptist Seminary and his Masters in Biblical Preaching from The Masters Seminary.  He is currently working on his Dr. of Ministry in Biblical Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary.  He is also the Uganda country representative for the International Association of Biblical Counselors.  Johnny is married to Kerry and they have 7 children.  He loves evangelizing, teaching pastors and planting churches.

Pastor Hank was born in the USA and is an intern of and is currently the preaching pastor at CMC. He  has experience in youth and children’s work and is gifted in evangelism and preaching. He is working on his pastoral degree and has his minister’s license. He is married to Gerry and they are in the process of adopting a young boy. He  loves preaching and sharing the Gospel with the  the people of Nakigalala village.